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Automatic Picker


The Cantrell Automatic Disc Picker is suitable for various breeds and sizes of poultry. The Picker is designed to gently remove those hard-to-get feathers with the use of a specially-designed disc and picking fingers. The frame allows for easy adjustment of picking banks when varying bird sizes are frequent. Adjustments can be made from all four corners to provide perfect positioning of the picking discs on the bird regardless of size. The discs are driven in opposing directions by motors and belts. A continuous flow of water ensures the picking fingers are kept wet, preventing dry out and ensuring feathers are released into the drain. Constructed of stainless steel, the Automatic Disc Picker is also available in a 40 disc model.

Technical Specifications
Drive: (8) 3 HP / (8) 2.2 kw or 5 HP / 3.7 kw
Water Connection: 3/4 in. Dia.
No. of Finger Discs: 80
No. of Fingers per Discs:    (optional) 10, 12 or 15
Water Usage: 12 GPM