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Gizzard Harvester


Gizzard Processing Unit (GPU) The GPU is much easier to clean and work on due to the open frame work. New safety doors are slotted giving the customer the ability to watch the machine as it runs. The gizzard opening blade will cut gizzards from above, which will help on blade life and cleaning out the gizzards after the gizzard has been split. The water pump is mechanical, not electric, and is powered by the machine running. When the machine stops, the water pressure will drop. This should help with water waste considerably. In addition, the peeler rollers have been lengthened 30% for more dwell time on the rollers. The Gizzard Harvester is capable of processing 175 gizzards per minute.

Technical Specifications
Motor HP: 2 HP Main Drive, 1 1/2 HP Blade Motor
Construction: Stainless Steel
Net Weight: 1400 lbs. Approx. / 635 kg. Approx.
Gross Weight: 1475 lbs. Approx. / 670 kg. Approx.
Width: 33 7/16” Doors Closed, 106 1/8” Doors Open
Length: 83 11/32” / 224.40 cm


65 ½” / 166.37 cm

Water Connections:

1” NPT Inlet, ½” Tube Push Loc Out to Stripper