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Heart & Liver Harvester Chicken


The Cantrell Heart & Liver Harvesting System offers a significantly higher rate of recovery for hearts and livers. An operator is needed to unravel the viscera and present it to the machine. The HLHS-100 then separates the heart, lungs and liver from the viscera package, leaving the gall sac with the intestines. The heart and lungs are then guided to the harvesting table where they are separated and blood vessels are removed from the heart.

Cantrell has made changes to its Heart and Liver Harvester to improve durability and also improve safety for the operator. The biggest improvement is that the Heart and Liver Harvester is now powered by an electric drive motor instead of being line driven. This eliminates one gear box, therefore eliminating wear points.

The Heart and Liver Harvester is made of all stainless steel and USDA approved plastics. The heavy duty components on the equipment lead to increased durability. It is floor mounted for additional stability.

A lift system, which can be cranked up or down, makes height adjustments easier to accommodate all bird sizes. The harvester features two blades that are easily adjusted. The Heart and Liver Harvester is available in left or right hand models and is constructed of stainless steel.

Technical Specifications
Position In Line: After USDA Inspection
Construction: Stainless Steel
Installed Power: (1 EA) 1HP Drive Motor, (2 EA) 1HP Blade Motors on Harvester/
(1 EA) 3/4HP Motor on Table
Net Weight: 1100 lbs. Approx. / 499 kg Approx.
Gross Weight: 1300 lbs. / 590 kg
Width: 38 in. / 965 mm
Length: 115 in. / 2921 mm
Height: 99 in. / 2515 mm