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Viscera Cutter


The Cantrell Automatic Viscera Cutter provides a consistently accurate cut by means of a circular stainless steel blade.

The P-2000 is mounted above the overhead conveyor and is driven by a 1 HP motor. It is usually located after heart and liver harvesting and before viscera harvesting. Its compact design requires little space and its minimal moving parts mean easy maintenance and clean-up. Sharpening of the circular blade and bearing lubrication is all the service necessary.

Constructed almost entirely of high grade stainless steel.

Technical Specifications
Position in Line:  After heart & liver harvesting
Capacity: 6000 Birds Per Hour
Installed Power: 1 HP motor / .75 kw
Net Weight: 130 lbs. / 59 kg
Gross Weight: 272 lbs. / 123 kg
Width: 29 in. / 737 mm
Height: 90 in. / 2286 mm