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Viscera Stripping Unit


The Cantrell Viscera Stripping Unit is separate from the gizzard machine to allow usage in more confined areas of the plant and still allow for better recovery of gizzards. Separation allows for a cleaner gizzard operation with the removal of the viscera separate from the gizzard machine. The VSU-175 is easier to maintain, allowing easier access to perform maintenance. The Cantrell Viscera Stripping Unit has increased capacity over older versions of gizzard recovery.

Technical Specifications
Motor: 2 HP Main Drive
Construction: Stainless Steel
Net Weight: 425 lbs. Approx. / 193 kg. Approx.
Gross Weight: 475 lbs. Approx. / 215 kg. Approx.
Width: 26” in. / 66 cm
Length: 51” in. / 129.54 cm
Height: 42” in. / 106.68 cm
Water Connection: ½” Tube Push Loc

The specifications as stated herein are the most current at the time of publication. However, consistent with our standard of continual product improvement, we reserve the right to change the design without notice or obligation to modify any equipment previously sold or delivered.