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Waterbath Stunner


The Cantrell AS-2 Stunner is a safe, efficient and reliable means of stunning for all types of poultry.

Stunner Operation
The AS-2 is located before the killer at such a distance that the stunned birds reach the killer in about 10 seconds. The heads of the birds pass through a water bath where an electrode is immersed. A second electrode touches the kill line shackle allowing an electrical current to be passed through the birds. The water level of the bath is controlled by a float valve.

The AS-2 is constructed of heavy duty pre-formed fiberglass mounted on a stainless steel frame. It’s equipped with a warning light to indicate when the machine is active. The electronic controls are contained in a separate water resistant cabinet which can be installed in a separate area. The AS-2 is available in varying lengths for different line speeds.

Technical Specifications
  Short Version Long Version
Connection:: 1/2 in. water hook up 1/2 in. water hook up
Power: 115 or 220 volts AC 115 or 220 volts AC
Capacity: 8,000 BPH 12,000 BPH
Position in line: Before killer Before killer
Width: max. 36 in. / 914 mm max. 36 in. / 914 mm
Length: 9 ft. / 2743 mm 12 ft. / 3658 mm
Height: 26 in. / 660 mm 26 in. / 660 mm