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Cantrell Offers New Options with its Gizzard Processing System

GAINESVILLE, GA. (May 31, 2018) – Cantrell has developed its new Gizzard Processing System (GPS), giving customers the option to separate into two operations.

The new process separates the intestine removal process from the gizzard splitting and cleaning. The Viscera Stripping Unit can be attached to the GPS or ran separately.

“With the transport rollers as a standalone operation, the system can remove the intestines directly after a pan conveyor or immediately after a Cobra pack remover and pump to the second stage of the process anywhere you want,” said Dane Woods, Cantrell’s General Manager for Sales/Service/Engineering.

Cantrell has redesigned the transport rollers to allow more dwell time before the gut is cut away from the gizzard.

The Gizzard Processing System can process 175 gizzards per minute and features new safety doors that are slotted, giving the customer the ability to watch the machine as it runs. The gizzard opening blade cuts gizzards from above, which helps the blade life and cleaning out the gizzards after the gizzard has been split. The peeler roller area has also been redesigned for more dwell time on the rollers.

The GPS water supply is yet another redesign. Using our new design we should use less water because when the machine stops the water shuts down. Plus our newly designed water nozzles will contribute to using less water to operate, as well.

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